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What Is Vision Vmax?
It's a unique blend of proven ingredients that will help support you in your eyes health and well being.

Your vision can change over time for many different reasons. Many eye disease are either age related or genetic. Studies prove that proper nutrition plays a significant role in the health of your eyes. Vitamin A is the nutrient that you need for proper vision, and other essential vitamins are C and lutein. If can be challenging to get the proper levels on a daily basis without the help of a supplement.

How Does Vision Vmax Work And How Will It Help Me?
It contains the antioxidants and nutrients that work to protect your eyes against external damage and declining sight as you get older.
- Supports and Encourages Eye Health during aging*
- Provides Nutrition for Your Eyes*
- Supports Healthy Vision*
- Combines antioxidant Vitamins A (as beta-carotene), C and E with lutein to support eye health.*

Here's how the ingredients work for your eye's health:
- Vitamin A (as retinol)' an essential nutrient and promotes night vision.
- Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)' an antioxidant used by your cells to help increase nutritional support.
- Beta Carotene- your body uses to make vitamin A.
- Lutein a nutrient that may lower your risk of developing chronic eye diseases.

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